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I have been with Eugene Burger Management for over 15 years and my experiences with them have been terrific. Staff are great to deal with, quick to act when I need anything and pleasant to deal with. Also willing to accommodate our board when it is possibility inconvenient for them. I would recommend them to any other association as one of the best in our area.

—Wayne Ports, President Southwest Meadows HOA


Tom Connell, San Francisco District Manager - is an exceptional Property Manager for our 101 Crescent Homeowners Association. By far the best Manager during my time on the Board. It has been a pleasure to work with such a friendly, personal and experienced professional like Tom. Blessings be upon you, Tom, in your new role as District Manager.

—Mike Payton, -Board Member, Saint Francis Bay - 101 Crescent Way Association


I am going to put Karen Brigg up for sainthood! She has the patience of Job...putting up with both the membership and us yahoos on the Board. I would have long ago imploded! Thanks for being you.
On the other hand, further research reveals the person must be dead to become a saint so stay with us for a long while...please!

—Rich Purdum -Board member and Architectural Control Committee Chairman at Monte Verde Estates Homeowners Association


I am pleased to write a commendation for Sheryl Kaonis in her capacity as Community Association Manager with the Eugene Burger Management Corporation, for the La Costa Meadows Condominium Association in Carlsbad. We have been privileged to work with Sheryl for a couple of years, and find her to be an excellent individual with whom to work.
She is knowledgeable in regards to HOA matters and responsive to all the members of our community who contact her. She keeps the Board well informed at all times and provides guidance on matters which need to be considered and/or acted on.
Her work is of the highest caliber.
We have worked with several different managers and find Sheryl to be one of the best ever. I would be happy to respond to any questions you might have concerning her skills and abilities, and again highly recommend her.

—Bobbie, Board President - La Costa Meadows Condominium Association in Carlsbad, CA


I just wanted to compliment Kelly Moss on doing a very professional job in taking care of issues at our condo. We have a roof leak - that the roofers have not really fixed yet but I am confident Kelly will get done. They have found it and tarped it to stem the damage. I know that Kelly will follow up as she always does on this as well as the interior damage we have to the ceiling and possibly the attic. We appreciate Kelly's continued attention to these types of issues that come up with properties and especially the professional way she handles them. It makes being a property owner a little less worrisome when we have a dedicated professional such as Kelly looking out for us. Please let her know that. Thank you.

—Mark - Association Member - Golden Gate of Napa HOA in Napa, CA


Once again I would like to call attention to Mary Angelo's handling of the business and residents of Villa Los Alamos. She is extremely professional, can defuse people who are irate and irrational, and she never fails to follow through on everything that needs to be done to solve a problem. And, more importantly, she does it with grace; never showing the frustration I sometimes have when confronting some of these issues. Without Mary, my job as president of the Association would be so much harder. I would go so far as to say I would not keep volunteering to be president if she wasn't our property manager. On behalf of our Board and myself, I commend your organization for supporting Mary in her role as a property manager. Please extend our thanks and compliments to Mary.

—Melinda Cabral - President, Board of Directors - Villa Los Alamos Homeowners Association in Santa Rosa, CA


I am writing to let you know how great of a job that Kelly has done in a very short period of time regarding the issue that I just reported to her last week. She is very responsive, is on top of things for our HOA, and follows through with shinning results! She has totally impressed me with the high level of service and timely response and resolution to my issue. I saw results the same day I sent my first email and now less than a week later, the area behind my unit is totally transformed! Kelly is a valuable asset to your team and I am so glad she is our association's manager. Thank you so much and be sure to give big kudos to Kelly!

—Nancy, Homeowner, Golden Gate of Napa HOA in Napa, CA


My family moved into our new community in Carlsbad in March of 2013. In September of 2013 I received a call from the management company, Eugene Burger Management Company, that one of the irrigation lines was spewing water. Prior to calling me (and my husband) Rebeccah Abney from EBMC contacted our HOA president, and the two of them were able to go to our property and abate the non-stop flow of water. My husband and I are very appreciative of the proactive management displayed. We feel we are in very good hands should anything arise in the future. Thanks EBMC!

—Andrea Lewiston, Homeowner, Cherry Tree Walk HOA in Carlsbad, CA


I am the manager of the Gaylord-Hansen Mortgage Group and we are a residential purchase mortgage team here in San Diego.

I know that you likely mostly deal with complaints in this industry, but I wanted to take a moment and provide some really positive feedback about your organization. We often work with HOA management companies in order to complete loan transactions, and we are mostly met with disdain and hatred. I will admit, some of it is justified with the insane, no-common-sense lending world we are in.

I needed help on a transaction and your associates, Dawn Malaga and Emily Sperbeck always answered the phone and were more than helpful. I appreciated the fact that they cared for the homeowner and didn’t just tell us to pound sand like most companies do.

Thanks again and please pass on my appreciation to Dawn and Emily!

—Sam Hansen, Gaylord-Hansen Mortgage Group in San Diego, CA


We are fortunate to have Mackenzie as our contact for Vista Del Mundo. She always goes above and beyond in response to every issue we have. Her personality is always upbeat and positive. She has the ability to reach deep and always provides extra research and provides solutions.

Thought it important to let you know she is an asset to us, and how much we appreciate her hard work.

Thank you for finding this gem!

—Kerri Buringrud, Vista del Mundo Homeowners Association in Escondido, CA


As an active member of the Sweed School Association from its inception and having served several terms on the Board, I wanted to share with you our absolute confidence in Chet Fitzell. I speak for our Board in sharing with you our satisfaction with Chet's guidance, follow through, and knowledge with respect to the range of issues that our organization deals with on a regular basis. Should a recommendation ever be required we would encourage you to consider us for a highly favorable response. We very much enjoy working with Chet.

—Moe Jacobson, Secretary, Board of Directors, Sweed School Homeowners Association in Petaluma, CA


I have been a board member for eight years and have had the pleasure of working with Katherine Wolfe, District Manager of EBMC, for many of those years. She is knowledgeable, committed and her professionalism is a true asset in this business, which can certainly be difficult at times. EBMC has fulfilled our association’s needs above and beyond our expectations. Our property manager, Joyce Winward, has helped to bring our community back to its "pre-foreclosure" status with her attention to detail and her dedication to her clients. I highly recommend this company to any HOA who is looking for that little extra attention no matter how big or small your needs may be.

—Charlene Clark, President, Board of Directors, Maryland Pebble at Silverado Homeowners Association in Las Vegas, NV


I have had a working relationship with four HOAs—all have had their challenges. EBMC solves management problems quite well.

—Duane Beye - President, Board of Directors - Northbrook Homeowners Association in North Las Vegas, NV


I had a working relationship with another management company for over 10 plus years. Since then I have been working with EBMC for the last two years and I am very pleased with the way they operate. Our HOA manager is Joyce Winward. An excellent, knowledgeable manager!!

—Jerry Meloy - Treasurer, Board of Directors - Northbrook Homeowners Association in North Las Vegas, NV


I have had the pleasure of working with Katherine Wolfe, District Manager for EBMC's Las Vegas office while serving on the board of my homeowners association. Kathy is very dedicated and knowledgeable in the community association management business. She is always up to date on the latest legislation and other changes to community associations and is passionate about managing communities. Kathy has been a great resource to the association and has provided us with the knowledge and information to make the best decisions possible.

—Timo Kuusela - Vice President, Board of Directors - Maryland Pebble at Silverado Homeowners Association in Las Vegas, NV


I think property management of a condo association is probably one of the most difficult jobs going - and my experience of Burger is that they take it all in stride, gather competitive bids, supervise on-site personnel, and get the job done - whether it is routine maintenance or emergency duty such as tree removal blocking roads in a storm. Our association reviewed other firms on a regular basis and kept coming back to EBMC for their professionalism and experience.

—Peter Holter - Past President, Board of Directors - The Headlands Homeowners Association in Marin City, CA


EBMC is superior to any management companies previous. When attending the Board meetings EBMC guides the meeting to keep the Board legally informed and at the same time works for the owners interest. These last few months in the Town Green Village Association have been filled with uncertainty as the developer has gone into bankruptcy and most of his commercial spaces are in the foreclosure process. The lender saw the need to hire a management company immediately to handle rents, leases and to bring some calm to the remaining tenants that leased from the developer. Thankfully, Eugene Burger Management Corporation was awarded the contract for most units. In a difficult time for the Village, being consistent is important. As a Broker myself I've received many phone calls from concerned merchants and property owners. It makes things a whole lot easier to refer them to Eugene Burger Management Corporation, who is on the pulse of the residential units, commercial leases and the situation with the foreclosed properties.

—Karen Alves, Broker - Nominating and Building Captain Committee Chair - Town Green Village Association in Windsor, CA


Mary Angelo is an absolute pleasure to work with.  She is pleasant, reliable and conscientious in all aspects of her work.  We have received many compliments on how Mary interacts positively with our homeowners and residents.  She follows through on researching complaints and inquiries, and never fails to pass on need-to-know information.  She is honest in her dealings with the Board, which goes a long way toward keeping a crisis from happening.

—Melinda Cabral - President, Board of Directors - Villa Los Alamos Homeowners Association in Santa Rosa, CA


Maria Birch has been an excellent manager and has worked closely with our Board and the Association has benefited greatly from her work.  She is to be commended for her professionalism and willingness to get matters done.

—Michael J. McCaffry - President, Board of Directors - Mountain Shadows Square Homeowners Association in Rohnert Park, CA


I served for five years on the board of The Headlands HOA in Sausalito, a 139 unit property probably valued in total around $100 million. The Headlands HOA has been managed by EBMC since 1995, which is 15+ years as of this writing. If they had not been doing an acceptable job for those 15 years, that relationship would not have lasted. I should point out that based on the records and photos I saw, they did far better than the rotation of management companies from the previous 12 years. I think The Headlands looks very good today given the limited budget we've had to work with.

Sometimes EBMC really shines, but I can't say they were always perfect. To their credit, The Headlands put their contract up for review each year and they always won the business. When there were issues, and they were pointed out to EBMC, they always tried to improve, at least from my experience. The EBMC staff I dealt with were very considerate and professional.

Managing HOAs is no piece of cake. There are a lot of moving parts and homeowners can be quite difficult, largely treating the board and management company with complete apathy, or else very emotionally. It's not much fun serving on the board of an HOA. I don't think I'd do it again. My hats off to companies like EBMC who pursue this difficult type of property management business and to the board directors at HOAs who volunteer to serve their neighbors with zero compensation, other than the rare, "thank you."

—Hazlitt Krog - Past President, Board of Directors - The Headlands Homeowners Association in Marin City, CA


I've served on our 9 member Board of Directors (184 unit association) for nearly 25 years (yes...really!) and EBMC has been our manager for quite a few years now. EBMC is my FOURTH and in my view the very best of the managers out there. Has every year been flawless? NO, of course not. We've had our "bumps in the road" including a couple of lackluster to bad performers assigned to the account. BUT...Lori and her senior managers have always risen to the challenge of fixing it, when my Board brought it to their attention. We're an active, hands-on Board and it is up to us to communicate clearly and with consistency, what we expect/want from the manager. In the overall big picture of things, this has worked quite well over the years with them. And, the depth and breadth of the company and their industry contacts continues to be a notable consideration in our view.

—Paul Wudski - Past President, Board of Directors - Shelter Ridge Homeowners Association in Mill Valley, CA


We retained Eugene Burger Management in July of 2009. We could not be happier. We have had no increase in dues and have almost doubled the monthly reserve deposit while completing more projects than ever before. Since hiring EBMC we have completely renovated several of our 9 buildings. This included dry rot repairs, repairing/replacing several entry ways and decks as well as painting them. We built a new redwood fence and pump house in the pool area and also replaced an old fence that separated our complex from our neighbors (over 700 ft long) with a new redwood one. Donna Fletcher is our property manager. It takes two to tango. You will still need a strong board that is willing to work with management as a team. That being said and without any reservation I highly recommend EBMC.

—Mark Jacobson - President, Board of Directors - Oak Pointe Homeowners Association in Auburn, CA


I would like to take this opportunity to thank EBMC for the wonderful job your Management Company has done for us over the past years.

Joe Dorsey, our Property Manager, has been very diligent about keeping the Board apprised with current laws, as well as new laws. His expertise in this field keeps our Park running smoothly. He is always available to our Board for questions that may arise.

Peg Marzo, our Resident Manager, has been with us for 6 ½ years and has been able to run this Park with a degree of excellence and high integrity. She is well liked by the Board as well as the Residents. She also has to deal with some challenging situations with people who are not satisfied with anything or have issues with another resident. Peg has handled these situations with diplomacy and brought them to the attention of the Board.

George Victorino has been working with us for over 5 years and is very well liked by the Board and the Residents. He is always willing to give someone a helping hand and do whatever is needed. We all appreciate EBMC and the fine employees that have helped World Marine Estates become one of the most sought after places to live.

—Delfina Marquez - President, Board of Directors - Flosden Residential Community, owner of World Marine Estates in American Canyon, CA


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