Promotion and Relocation of Jay Kacirk

We are pleased to announce that Senior Vice President Jay Kacirk’s position with EBMC is being transformed and expanded to facilitate greater involvement in the company’s overall business operations. Effective immediately Jay’s new title is Senior Vice President of Property and Asset Management. As part of this change Jay will be relocating from southern to northern California in the next few weeks where he will have an office within EBMC’s Novato office suite. Jay will continue to report to President Steve Burger, and Chairman/CEO Eugene Burger.

Jay joined EBMC in 1998 when he agreed to sell his community association and single family rental management portfolio located in Encinitas, California to EBMC. Since that time Jay’s duties and assignments have changed substantially and he has held varying degrees of responsibility within each of EBMC business lines. For the past several years Jay has been the company’s senior executive in southern California with responsibility for directing all EBMC personnel serving community associations, market and affordable apartments, commercial and single family clients. Jay will continue to oversee the southern California portfolio’s working closely with local staff during in person visits and through regular communications.

As a result of Jay’s promotion and relocation, has appointed Darlene Pedro to run the San Diego office. The San Diego district serves associations, single family and commercial clients from offices in Rancho Bernardo and Carlsbad.

Jay will interact with all EBMC personnel as needed in the performance of his responsibilities and will have authority to direct and supervise EBMC staff members relative to his direct assignments.

These changes are designed to enhance EBMC's overall management structure in support of the entire EBMC team as we pursue excellent client service and the growth of our business. 

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