Maria Farias Celebrates 20 Years With EBMC

Twenty years seems like a long time to work at one place but that’s exactly how long Maria De La Luz Farias has worked for Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC) at the Walker House Apartments. “This is like my second home,” says Maria. “I like the people here and in 20 years, I’ve met many different people.”

Speaking very little English, Maria started out working in housekeeping by cleaning the vacant apartments and the on-site laundry facility. She said her biggest challenge has been cleaning the greasy, dirty stoves and making them look like new. Technology has still not caught up to good old fashioned elbow grease. But over the years as Maria’s language skills improved, so did her maintenance skills. She quickly learned how to re-key locks, change shower valves, replace hot and cold water faucets, patch drywall holes, and even how to fix a dishwasher. Oh, and don’t forget to add “translator” to her competency list as she often called upon to be the communication liaison between the management office and the Hispanic community.

Maria was recently presented with a service plaque in appreciation of her 20 years with EBMC. We are proud to acknowledge her dedication to her job and the Walker House Apartment community.


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