Kelly Moss Presents Enhance your Professional Presence to Community Association Managers in Sacramento California

On September 16, 2015, Kelly Moss facilitated the CACM class, Enhance Your Professional Presence, in Sacramento with 15 fellow Community Association Managers in attendance.

The class increases a Community Association Manager’s level of credibility and professionalism by effectively managing all aspects of the way they communicate with others – visually, verbally and on paper. This course focuses on Professional Business Writing; Polished Presentations; The Art of Influencing; and The Final Touch – Your Professional Image.

  • Understand the steps for creating effective written communications, including establishing email protocol
  • Know how to present information for solving problems, managing change and selling an idea
  • Understand the power of language and effective listening while developing facilitation skills and ways to overcome objections
  • Know how to tailor your communications with an understanding of communication styles, generational differences and socio-economic group sensibilities
  • Utilize new ways to stay organized and effectively manage personal social media accounts

Kelly Moss began her employment with Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC) in June 2010 in the Novato office. In May of the following year, Kelly transferred to the corporate offices in Rohnert Park. Her portfolio currently consists of eight (8) properties within Sonoma and Napa counties serving 706 association units.

Prior to EBMC, Kelly worked for Sonoma county-based management firm for three plus years. Before discovering Association management, Kelly was a mortgage professional for 22 years with a focus on management, loan processing and underwriting.

In May 2008, Kelly earned a certification to manage Associations through CACM (California Association of Community Managers) and managed ten Associations, averaging over 100 homeowners each, in Sonoma County. In June of 2011, she received recertification after completing the required 30 hours of continuing education. In December 2014, Kelly earned a specialty certification for Portfolio Management with CACM completing an additional 29 hours of education. Carrying on from that achievement, Kelly serves on two CACM committees – one being the Legal Advisory Steering Committee responsible for the publication of the Law Journal and the Annual Law Seminar, serves as an instructor focusing on educating the newer members of the industry with the BAM and Law Series classes, and is a MCAM (Master of Community Association Management) candidate.

In Kelly’s personal life, she lives on a 2.5 acre ranch with her husband, Scott, and their furry kid, Butters the Corgi. They are devote food, beer, and wine enthusiasts who enjoy canning their own jams and jellies along with an annual tomato sauce making use of the wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables harvested from the farms adjacent to their ranch.

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