Eight Year Old Child Inspired by On-site Management Team

Each day we perform routine tasks like clockwork.  For our maintenance teams their workday typically begins with: sweeping the curbs, cleaning garbage enclosures, washing windows, mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, knocking down cobwebs and simply picking up litter. None of these tasks are ever thought of as glamorous by us nor do we consider at the time that someone might take notice of what is being accomplished. Like the sun rises and sets each day, we proceed with these mundane, simple, but important community tasks.

Recently, we received a heartwarming letter from Ms. Deborah Rodrigues who lives at World Marine Estates located in American Canyon, California.  In Ms. Rodrigues' letter she shared with us how important Eugene Burger Management Corporation's on-site maintenance person, George Victorino, has been to the life of her 8 year old son, Jordan.

Ms. Rodrigues' letter in great detail explained how George has caught her son's attention and how he marvels at seeing George in action.  Each day she and Jordan, play a game trying to guess what tasks George will tackle that day. So interested in George's activities, it has inspired Jordan to willingly do his chores each day. The mother remarked that Jordan told her that it was good to be busy each day, making a difference in his home and helping her. She thanked George being a good role model to her son saying, "You are one in a million."  

At 83 years old, George's smile and friendly wave are infectious.  He possesses a can-do attitude and has served as the on-site maintenance person at World Marine Estates for four years. George pays attention to detail, takes pride in his work and together with Eugene Burger Management Corporation's management team Peg Marzo - on-site Community Manager and Joe Dorsey -Supervisor, have helped make the community a better place.

In all our forty plus years serving in the field of property management, we have never been told something as emotionally uplifting as this. Our team has always been proud of the work that they accomplish. We know that together we build good healthy communities and know that we do make a difference. But, in the life of a child? George is not Superman, Spiderman, Will Smith, Tom Hanks or other famous superstar. But to this child, in his eyes, he is very much a superstar.

EBMC is blessed with an amazing staff and this is one rare moment where we stop for a moment and take pause. George you are a Superman and we are very proud of you.


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