EBMC District Manager Appointed to CAA Committees

EBMC District Manager Bill Johnston has been re-appointed to the CAA Property Management Policy sub-committee and appointed to the CAA Rent Control sub-committee for 2016.

The committee appointments are made annually, by the CAA President (currently Tom Scott of Cambridge Management), and last for the current year. 

The Property Management Policy sub-committee reviews all legislation that is to be presented for approval, and makes a recommendation to CAA as to whether or not to "recommend support" or "not support." The same is true for the Rent Control Policy sub-committee, and it also helps formulate CAA positions on rent control in cities and localities that are trying to implement it.

Bill has served on CAA (or subsidiary) committees off-and-on since 1985, and has been a member of CAA since 1981. This is the fourth (4th) year in a row that he’s been appointed to the Property Management Policy sub-committee, and the first time appointed to the Rent Control Policy sub-committee.

CAA (California Apartment Association) is the largest industry association in the nation devoted specifically to ownership and management of apartments, and the laws and politics that affect them. Their board of directors is comprised of the industry's top professionals and vendors, and its staff are mostly ex-industry professionals, or experts in their respective field(s).

EBMC’s San Jose District office covers the Greater Bay Area (including properties in Cotati), East to the Central Valley, and South to Monterey County. Bill has been with EBMC for 10 years, bringing a wealth of industry knowledge and participation to the company.

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