Single Family Property Management Best Practices

Single family property management is a complex and intricate business. Avoiding the numerous and common pitfalls requires experience and a desire to achieve excellence. But more than that, successful single family property management means prompt and courteous service to both owners and investors. These parties can extend the highest level of trust and confidence knowing that monthly reports will be prepared accurately, prospective residents are thoroughly screened, and maintenance repairs reported by residents are performed timely to protect owners’ investments.

We organize our management skills for single family properties with:

  • Effective operating procedures
  • Responsive maintenance programs
  • Timely inspections
  • Resident retention programs
  • Excellent customer service
Having been through many real estate cycles, EBMC has the experience to help you make tough decisions with regards to your real estate holdings. Real estate of any type, including single family income-generating property, is a complex and long-term investment strategy. Yet for all its challenges, it can be lucrative and rewarding on many levels. Following the aforementioned property management best practices is the surest way to maximize your NOI and ROI while preserving, protecting and enhancing the property’s physical assets.


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