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EBMC has managed associations (cooperatives, planned unit, condominium and homeowner’s associations) in California and Nevada since their inception. We are locally known and nationally respected. EBMC is a leader and innovator of association management practices and procedures in California and Nevada. Our client base includes high rises; large master planned developments, commercial condominiums as well as smaller communities. We offer a full range of association services including management, financial services, consulting and expert witness.

We manage approximately 236 associations with an estimated 20,000 units located throughout California and Nevada. EBMC is family owned and operated and has the unique ability to tailor its myriad of services and talents to maximize customer service and serve our clients needs. Our offices are conveniently located and are well established giving EBMC the edge over our competition when it comes to contracting and volume discounts.

Our team of dedicated professionals fully comprehends the complexities of association management. Whether we are assisting an association on a multi-million dollar renovation project or simply handling routine service requests, EBMC has the tools and expertise to do it. We do it with finesse and professionalism for which your association’s members and Board of Directors can be very proud. It all takes teamwork and that’s what EBMC is all about.


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