High Occupancy Rates help to create Safety of Capital and Return on Investment

EBMC has managed multifamily residential real estate assets for more than four decades and has worked through several real estate cycles. This valuable experience gives each EBMC property management professional a knowledge base to draw upon when making complex business decisions that affect your real estate to help ensure:

  • Return on Investment
  • Creation of Wealth
  • Safety of Capital

We focus our efforts on establishing effective operating procedures, instilling well-run maintenance programs, obtaining package discounts on insurance and other items, monitoring unit inspections and resident retention programs to increase Net Operating Income (NOI) while preserving, protecting and enhancing the property's physical assets.

EBMC recognizes the value of creating and maintaining a highly motivated staff to continually reach for the highest occupancy possible. The effort of a healthy occupancy is a collaborative effort from both the on-site and off-site management team. Success comes with risk and EBMC is not timid in testing the waters. We maintain a competent staff; assure for properly maintained units, competitive rents, implement successful marketing and resident retention strategies. We constantly strive to "make the deal" when it comes to leasing. We recognize the value of each prospect who walks through the door, calls on the telephone or e-mails.  Additionally, we take every opportunity to extend courtesies to existing residents to maximize tenant retention and provide perceived value.

Historically, investment in real estate has generally proven to be a sound strategy for increasing capital when held for adequate time periods. Management is a key component in increasing capital, as the decisions that are made about property positioning, maintenance practices and long-term strategy will greatly impact the value of the asset at time of disposition.

EBMC offers a full suite of apartment property management services and support, carried out by experienced, credentialed professionals.

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