EBMC has created effective property management programs for a wide variety of real estate holdings

Our primary methodology is to work closely with you, so we form a better understanding of you, your property, and your goals.

Our expertise and knowledge in property management has been acquired through years of experience. The scope and breadth of our staff allows you to have a specialized team at work on your property’s needs. As a result, you will not find a firm more qualified to handle both the operational and financial management of your property’s physical and financial assets.

  • Effective, responsive and customized service.
  • Strength, generated from team effort and training.
  • Creativity and understanding of management principles.
  • Reputation built on a proven record of success.
  • Goals to enhance the value and esthetics of your property.
  • Constant reevaluation of procedures to ensure superior levels of quality.
  • Pride in knowing our clients refer us time and time again.

Financial Reporting

At EBMC we have a two-pronged approach to Financial Reporting.

Timely Reporting & Accuracy

EBMC focuses on timely reporting and accuracy in monthly reports we provide for our clients, EBMC adheres to General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and has its own set of higher standards for quality assurance.

Up-To-Date Software

Maintaining the most up-to-date property management software possible allows us to have customized reporting for each type of property we manage.

We continue to invest in our infrastructure necessary to manage our diverse portfolio. EBMC, working with Yardi Systems, Inc., has established a system designed specifically to meet our clients’ unique needs. This state of the art technology allows us to give our clients up to the minute answers!

Financial reports such as, cash to budget variances, cash flow and income statements, balance sheets and complete transactional accounting registers are basic. We also are able to create specialized reporting such as, HOA Architectural and Compliance Logs, Affordable HAP Vouchers, Tax Credit Project Status Reports, Periodic Commercial CAM Reconciliation and Resident Violation Notices, just to name a few.

Our goal is to be timely, accurate and on the cutting edge of providing the highest quality financial reporting possible.

Physical Maintenance

EBMC will assist you in preserving, maintaining, protecting and enhancing the physical and financial aspects of your property. We assure that the property is maintained to the owner’s standards, handle emergencies and to keep you informed of the status of your property. Regular visitations and inspections of the property are conducted to be sure that the common areas including lobbies, stairwells, landscaping, recreation facilities, walks and driveways, parking lots, and other physical components of the property are maintained to a standard level of care established by the owner.

We assist the owner in developing bid specifications, secure competitive bids, and will coordinate with contractors, vendors and suppliers. Work is regularly checked prior to approval of payments.

Team Approach

EBMC's management and accounting personnel meet regularly to discuss individual properties from varying perspectives. By using this team approach, we feel we best meet the physical, fiscal and operational needs of each property.

Maintenance and on-site management training programs are also conducted by EBMC. Safety inspections for compliance with loss prevention and OSHA requirements are conducted by EBMC. Additionally the property managers assemble to discuss market trends, ongoing training, contractor service quality and current regulatory issues.


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