Windsor's Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove Nominated for Community Service Award

In the middle of the Town of Windsor is a large 4.5-acre community park. The community park, Windsor Town Green, is surrounded by a mixed-use community that is known as Old Downtown Windsor or Town Green Village. EBMC has managed the Town Green Village Association for seven (7) years.

Old Downtown Windsor Panorama by Drew JacksonBeginning in 2009, a group of four (4) interested women, including EBMC's Vice President, Carra Clampitt, met to determine how to help the Town of Windsor decorate and improve the Town Green Village during the Christmas holiday season. The group considered how best to bring more people to enjoy the areas, shop, eat and drink in Town Green. The group believed that one of the best ways was to create an event that can be enjoyed by families, people young and old, residents and guests alike. The idea of a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove was floated to the group and it was an instant hit.

Since that first meeting, the idea grew and the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove has grown to be a family event with over 150 “Charlie Brown” trees decorated by the local school children, businesses and families. There is even snow twice each night from the Sunday after Thanksgiving through early January.  Winter snow is blown through the trees sand the children and their families enjoy a real winter wonderland right here in California.

The event and its founder Karen Alves, a Town Green Village Association member, have been nominated by the California Park & Recreation Society District One for its Community Service Award.

EBMC VP Carra Clampitt at Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove in Old Downtown WindsorThe California Park & Recreation Society’s (CPRS) Awards Program recognizes excellence of those agencies and individuals that publicize, develop and manage programs, parks, and facilities that:

  • embody and embrace the core values of the profession, particularly accessibility, service to community, lifelong learning, diversity of experience, and environmental stewardship,
  • move the agency towards a stronger position or role within the community,
  • align with the mission areas of parks and recreation: promoting participation in recreational experiences, strengthening community image and sense of place, strengthening safety and security, promoting health and wellness, fostering human development, increasing cultural unity, protecting environmental resources, and facilitating community problem solving.

The Awards dinner will be held February 25, 2012 at Pickleweed Community Center in San Rafael. As EBMC has been involved with the Association and the creation Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove, we will be in attendance to acknowledge the event and its founder.

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