Spyglass Hill - Maintenance with a Whole New Approach

Goat grazing is a cost effective, ecologically sound way to clear land and promote growth of native grasses and beneficial plants, particularly for large acreages and difficult terrain. It has been proven to efficiently handle areas that are inaccessible or difficult to manage with mowers, areas where burns are inadvisable, and sensitive areas where the application of herbicides is not appropriate. Here at Spyglass the goat squad has completed eating a heavily wooded area choked with poison oak and scotch broom. It is the experience of the owners of the goats that about 3 years of grazing reverts areas like this to native grasses and wild flowers.

EBMC has recommended to the Board of Directors that they consider using goats to clear all of the native area of Spyglass in years to come. Its about the same cost with much better results. They eat everything so if there are plants you don't want them to eat, identify them to the goat herder and they will accommodate you. The goats are controlled by temporary electric fences and the goat herder is on the property full time with a travel trailer and his dogs.

Spyglass Hill is a 208 unit property owners association located in Larkspur, CA. The property sits high on a bluff and is surrounded by steep hill sides.

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