Proof That EBMC Property Supervisors Are Ready For Anything

Spyglass Hill Property Owners' Association, a 208 unit condominium association, is perched high on a hilltop in breathtaking Greenbrae, California.  This past spring the property has experienced frequent uninvited visitors to its beautiful swimming pool, ducks.  The ducks have be hanging around all season and this morning we found out why.  The ducks had nested in the swimming pool area landscaping and had cleverly hidden their nest in the dense bushes. 

When Property Supervisor - Scott Ezinga arrived to work this morning he heard a commotion coming from the swimming pool area and went to investigate along with Lorin Gardin - Maintenance Technician 1.  To their surprise and amusement one of the residents was valiantly trying to net five little ducklings out of the swimming pool. The momma duck had taken her brood for their first swim ever and unfortunately the ducklings could not get back out of the swimming pool.  The waters edge was just too far for the ducklings to reach the pool deck above.  The ducklings were distraught and clamoring for help.

After the ducklings were netted, Scott Ezinga and Lorin Gardin gathered up the five ducklings and put them into a box for safe keeping.  Then, Scott held one of the ducklings near the top of the box (see photo) so that it would call to momma ( peep, peep, peep, peep).  The group took the ducklings to a grassy area which lead to a vast area of native vegetation behind the property. Momma followed intently and the ducklings were safely released.  With great pride the momma duck gathered up her brood and they all headed down the hill in single file.

The Spyglass Hill Property Owners' Association has been a client of Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC) since 1986.  Scott Ezinga began his employment with EBMC in February 1997, and has served as its Property Supervisor at this location since 2000. 

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