Pacifica Property Experiences Fire Sprinkler Replacement

April, 2010 — Casa Pacifica Apartments, a federally-subsidized elderly development located in Pacifica, California will soon be finishing a complete replacement of its fire sprinkler system in resident units and common areas. What makes this rehabilitation unusual is that the entire process has been accomplished without the need to relocate any residents.

The new system has been installed in the residents’ living space and hallways, and enclosed by a “soffit,” while the original system — contained inside the walls and ceiling — will be “abandoned” (i.e., drained and left in place). Access to units and common space in the top floor has been accomplished via the attic space above. In doing so, EBMC has been successful in facilitating the work without significant disruption to the existing residents.

Residents were required to facilitate the moving of furniture and belongings away from affected walls by site staff by packing up loose objects, and disconnecting electronic devices. Residents were given the option of remaining in their units during daily work, and were allowed to return to their units after work ended each day. To further buffer any disruption to residents, site staff has arranged for snacks, beverages and movies to be provided in the Community Room, where residents could gather, chat and be entertained while their units were engaged.


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