Imperial Villa Apartments Earns Crime-Free Designation

The Imperial Villa Apartments is a 38 unit affordable community just east of downtown San Diego. Through its inspired leadership by site manager, Karla Sanchez, ARM, it has maintained very steady occupancy and relatively few incidents of criminal activity, despite its location in an area with its share of gang activity and inner city crime.

Karla took the lead to register the property with the city of San Diego’s Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. This took many hours of classroom education and training for Karla and her staff. The property was inspected by law enforcement, and any recommendations made for modifications to reduce the chance of crime were implemented.

All of this culminated in Karla receiving certificates and program signage for the entrances to the property announcing the participation of Imperial Villa Apartments as an active participant and not an area to even think about engaging in criminal activity. We applaud Karla, her staff and residents for taking a stance against crime and showing their deep interest in their community. Staff and Residents Imperial Villa Jan 28 2014

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GREAT JOB: Am jealous we were not the first to receive this - Next month we will be certified also - YAY! WME - Peg Marzo
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