EBMC secures $360,000 for Multifamily Property Improvement Projects from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Under the direction of EBMC's Sacramento Property Supervisor Sheryl Kelley and Maintenance Supervisor - Bob Frietas three of EBMC's communities have successfully been awarded $360,000 for the replacement of heating and air conditioning units and replacement windows.  The funds were awarded through the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) - Multi-Family Home Performance Program. 

On behalf of the owners' of the properties, EBMC completed SMUD's approval process over the course of several months.  The steps to complete the process included:

Step 1: Working with SMUD's contract administrator Heschong Mahone Group, Inc. (HMG) to qualify the properties for the SMUD Home Performance Program - Multifamily (HPP-MF).  Reviewing the HPP-MF Program Presentation and filling out the Property Pre-Qualification Form and submitting to HMG.

Step 2:  Selecting an Independent Energy Rater and reviewing the HPP-MF Policies and Procedures Handbook.

Step 3:  Completing the Home Program Multifamily Application and Submitting to HMG, performing an upgrade assessment, analysis (modeling) and verification and finally obtaining HMG's approval to proceed with the upgrades.

Step 4:   Reviewing and complying with CA Prevailing Wage and David Bacon Act Requirements, completing the energy efficiency upgrades and preforming post-upgrade analysis.

EBMC is pleased that through its efforts it has helped the owners' increase property value as well as enhance the lives of the residents living in the communities. 

Note:  To qualify for the performance based incentives, multi-family properties must contain five or more apartment units and improve energy efficiency levels by a minimum of 20 percent over existing property conditions. SMUD is currently offering escalating incentives starting at $2,300 per unit for 20 percent improvement in energy efficiency (both gas and electric) and increasing $50 for each additional percentage improvement to encourage deeper energy savings. The maximum incentive has increased to $3,800 for 50+ percent improvements in energy efficiency.









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