EBMC-Managed Community Reduces Risk of Wildfire with Grant Funds

Monte Verde Estates (MVE), Foresthill California, in observation of the fourth national Wildfire Community Preparedness Day held this year on May 6th , participated in the program to further reduce risk of wildfire in our community. Initiated by the National Fire Protection Association and sponsored by State Farm™, grant funding in the amount of $500.00 was provided by State Farm™ to 150 applicants for community projects from a total of 420 Firewise Communities in 42 states and Washington DC that applied. Monte Verde Estates was selected as one of the 150 entries that was awarded a grant from State Farm™

MVE is located in a Cal Fire designated "Very High" Fire Hazard Severity Zone and as such, is at much greater risk to experience a wildfire event that could result in loss of structures and potentially, life. To mitigate risk as much as possible, the MVE Home Owners Association Board of Directors established a Firewise Committee and voted to pursue recognition as a Firewise Community by implementing a proactive program “…that empowers neighbors to work together in reducing their wildfire risk.”

To that end, several “neighbors” within MVE took advantage of the free shredding service provided by the Tree MD Company with the grant funding from State Farm™ to remove dead or excessive vegetation from their properties. As a result, residents were able to expand defensible space, improve fuel breaks, and ultimately reduce fuels that would otherwise present a danger in and around home ignition zones during the upcoming summer fire season.

The MVE Firewise committee along with support from the MVE Board of Directors have committed a great deal of time and energy to help reduce the threat of catastrophic fire danger to our community. The activity that occurred this past Saturday, May 6th 2017, in support of Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, was yet another step in bringing together People, working on Projects with the Purpose of achieving a high level of protection against risk of wildland urban interface fire loss. Risk that has decreased significantly since Monte Verde Estates received its Firewise Communities designation in 2013.

Some of the People involved in the effort on May 6th were MVE Board Members, Firewise Committee Members, and residents joined by Ms. Luana Dowling, the Placer County Firewise Communities Coordinator, and members representing Cal Fire, and the Foresthill Fire Protection District. Special thanks to State Farm for their generous grant.

Monte Verde Estates HOA is proudly managed by Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC).

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