Bodega Hills Townhomes Recieves Reimbursement Thanks to Community Association Manager Mary Angelo, CCAM.

Bodega Hills Homeowners’ Association is a 23 unit association developed by Burbank Housing in Sebastopol, California. At the time it was developed the builder installed Omega Fire Sprinklers. The year prior to the building of Bodega Hills HOA the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission had recalled these sprinklers because they were found to be defective. In the event of a fire the sprinklers did not operate. 

The Board President was having a routine inspection performed on his condominium when the defective sprinklers were discovered. At a board of directors meeting he made this announcement and requested the community association manager, Mary Angelo, CCAM, coordinate a replacement project for each home in the association. The number of sprinkler heads in each condo varied, with the highest amount being 24. The cost for each household for the sprinkler head replacement was $1,235.

Because they were recalled the year prior to being installed at Bodega Hills Mary contacted Burbank Housing and succeeded in obtaining a reimbursement for each household for the full amount of $1,235. The board of directors as well as the homeowners were thrilled when they received this news.


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