A Crowd of Over 7,000 is Expected as Wonder Bread 5 Hits the Stage

EBMC's Windsor Office supervisors Maria Birch, CCAM® and Mary Angelo, CCAM®, are getting ready for approximately 7,000 - 8,000 local residents who will be attending tonight's Wonder Bread 5 live concert being held by the Town of Windsor at Town Green.

For over a decade, the unstoppable, international rock and roll party machine known as the Wonder Bread 5 have been thrilling audiences, and exceeding clients expectations around the globe while maintaining its original band line-up.  Michael, Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon and Action Jackson round out this unstoppable group. Tonight at 5 p.m. at Windsor Town Green, the community is in for a big treat.  Chairs were set up at the crack of dawn this morning as local residents move in to secure the best seating. Wonder Bread 5 covers everything from Motown to Bean-town and back again and should be a lively event for all.

Throughout the year, Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC) onsite staff and the Town of Windsor work in cooperation with one another as the Town Green Village Association is adjacent to the community park. Community events at the park include Movie Night, Farmer's Market, Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove, Live Concerts and other well-attended events. EBMC has managed the Town Green Village Association since 2004. The Town Green Village Association boasts 172 residential homes and 103 businesses. EBMC believes that Town Green Association is one of the finest examples of mixed use development living and embraces the knowledge that working with the surrounding community and township can be a win-win situation. 

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