Maureen V. Stroub

Senior Vice President

As Senior Vice President of Corporate Finance for Eugene Burger Management Corporation, Ms. Stroub is responsible for corporate accounting functions.

Ms. Stroub joined the staff of EBMC in 1980 as a staff bookkeeper and payroll clerk. She was responsible for the timely production of monthly project financial statements and was liaison with several, independent project auditors. She was also responsible for the payroll of all EBMC employees in the State of Nevada, including regulatory compliance. In 1981 Ms. Stroub was promoted to the position of Homeowner Association Bookkeeper and was responsible for the production of monthly financial statements based on the daily activities of the properties. She was also liaison to the property management division and the independent auditors of each association. In 1983 she became the Operations Manager for EBMC. Her duties included the implementation of policies and procedures company wide and she was instrumental in the planning and subsequent implementation of a fully automated accounting system.

In 1995 Ms. Stroub was promoted to Vice President of Chief Financial Officer. She became responsible for all corporate accounting functions. She is liaison to all independent auditors and corporate vendors and EBMC’s ongoing banking relationships. In 2000 she was promoted to Senior Vice President.

Ms. Stroub attended junior college and brings with her 10 years of retail/wholesale business ownership, as well as three years of independent office management skills.

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