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By Stephen L. Burger, CPM®, CRX, CSM

It is important that we take time to reflect on new changes in the EBMC commitment to our owner/investor clientele through our commitment to our occupants. Melanie Malik, CCAM, AMS, PCAM; Carol Melendez; and Lisa Eisenberg are the most recent focus of this ever-expending capability.

As we reported recently, Melanie has joined the EBMC team as a community association manager. She comes to us not only with years of experience in common-interest-development management but with ample professional certifications, including her Professional Community Association Manager and Certified Community Association Manager designations.

In addition, community managers Carol Melendez and Lisa Eisenberg--both years-long EBMC veterans--have earned their Portfolio Manager Specialty certifications. As we have indicated before in this space, the letters that follow a professional manager’s name carry a special significance.

For the bearer of those initials, they mean not only years of active experience in the field but also the completion of rigorous courses of study, both of which guarantee the knowledge and understanding of best and ethical management practices.

That a growing number of our team in the field can boast these designations says something very special and specific about EBMC and the relationships we have with both our occupants and our owner/investor clientele.It says that the values we profess are held as well throughout the team of professionals we manage, that they are part of the fabric of our existence, our DNA, if you will.

Professionalism at the end of the day is a question of consistency in practice. The qualifications of our staff speaks loud and clear about the consistency of our ability to serve our occupants and, through them, our clients.

Congratulations to Melanie, Carol and Lisa, and to all of our EBMC family.

Steve Burger, President

As president and COO of Eugene Burger Management Co., Steve Burger is directly responsible for the overall quality, depth and consistency of management services provided in all 15 regions in the EBMC coverage map.

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