Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

By Stephen L. Burger, CPM, CRX, CRM

Two apparently unrelated news items have come together to underscore a critical mission in the field of property management. As you will read in our staff news, our own Corinne Heald was recently honored with the North Bay Business Journal’s Facilities Manager Recognition Award.

In other only-apparently-unrelated news, one of our properties recently took a proactive and eco-friendly stance against drought-induced brushfires by using more than 600 goats and sheep to clear unwanted overgrowth. The property was Monte Verde in Foresthill, a community of private homes managed by EBMC’s Karen J. Brigg.

What do these two disparate items have to do with each other? It’s a theme I touch on often in this space, and it all comes down to service . . . but service over and above the expected. I’m proud to say that while these two professionals have been recognized for their efforts, they are typical of the professionalism and care we use as a hallmark of our practice.

In Corinne’s role as facilities manager (and office manager here at our corporate headquarters) she displays the knowledge that her job is more than ensuring the windows are clean and the HVAC is working efficiently. Like any professional in the full meaning of the word, she recognizes that these functions go to serve a business community and support that community’s goals.

In the case of Monte Verde, Karen worked with the community’s homeowner association on a very specific task. But in coordinating the details of that task, the community found a rallying point, a cause for cooperation and even social interaction.

In both of these examples the work is elevated beyond process to achieve a better working and living environment, noticeable by all stakeholders. This accrues to soft returns, hard to measure in dollars and cents, but speaking volumes about the quality of life in these communities.

That in turn accrues to our mission, to serve in turn the interests of our clients--the owners and investors in the properties we manage. These may seem like mere details in the great scheme of things. But, as they say, that is where the devil lies--in the details.

It also separates property management as a mere process from white-glove service, and it proves that true, professional property management is greater than the sum of its parts.

Steve Burger, CPM

As president and COO of Eugene Burger Management Co., Steve Burger is directly responsible for the overall quality, depth and consistency of management services provided in all 15 regions in the EBMC coverage map.

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