EBMC’s Bakersfield Office Relocates

On August 23, 2018 the regional office Eugene Burger Management Corporation operated in Bakersfield relocated to the Metro Center office building located at 1701 Westwind Drive, Suite 226, adjacent to downtown Bakersfield.This is an area of the city undergoing major infrastructure improvements to streets and walkways, and is seen as a part of the city poised for future growth and redevelopment of some existing structures.The Metro Center has recently changed ownership and has undergone some major renovations including the installation of a new elevator to serve building tenants and visitors.

September of 2018 marks the third year anniversary of the acquisition of this managed portfolio of residential and commercial properties, formerly run by Iron Gates Property Management.The office serves both affordable and market multifamily units, as well as single family rentals and commercial business centers.The management of homeowner associations (residential and commercial) is also offered.

Founded in 1968, Eugene Burger Management Corporation is a full service real estate management firm with regional offices throughout California and Nevada. EBMC is an Accredited Management Organization (AMO) by the institute of Real Estate Management. EBMC specializes in Commercial, Residential and Association Management and Leasing.

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