EBMC hosts HOA Board Member Seminar in Las Vegas

On October 14, 2010, EBMC partnered with Angius & Terry LLP and Mutual of Omaha Bank to hold a board member seminar titled HOA Investments, Loans, and Fraud Protection.  Speakers included Paul P. Terry, Jr., a Partner of Angius & Terry, LLP, and Pamela Gardner and Chuck Balacy, Regional Account Executives with Mutual of Omaha Bank. EBMC Board Member Seminar - Las Vegas

Class participants learned about:

  • Making proper investments
  • The importance of an Investment Policy
  • Obtaining association loans
  • Filing for bankruptcy or receivership
  • Protecting association funds; red flags to watch for

EBMC recognizes the importance of providing training opportunities to board members in an effort to help them comply with the provisions in NAC 116.400, Members of executive board: Responsibilities, some of which require board members to keep informed of new developments in the management of an association through educational courses, consult with the appropriate professionals as necessary before making major decisions affecting the association, and deposit all association money in a financial institution federally insured or insured by a private insurer approved pursuant to NRS 678.755.  The course was well received by all participants.

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