EBMC Reno Office Hosts Board Training Event

On August 13, 2018, Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC) held an Association Board Training Event at the Atlantis Casino Resort located at 3800 South Virginia Street, Reno Nevada.The event (a play), The Best Little Board Meeting in Reno featured EBMC Reno staff playing the role of the Board of Directors and the attendees played the role of Homeowners at a Board Meeting. The Moderator for the event was Adam Clarkson, esq.Adam Clarkson is the Owner/principal of The Clarkson Law Group.

Additionally, there were homeowner (hecklers) in the Meeting to disturb the Meeting Process, Bully the Board and torment the Board throughout the Meeting.

During the play, the lights would go dark on the Board of Directors and then spotlight Adam Clarkson.At that time Mr. Clarkson would query the members of the audience on what they saw.The play included six scenes and highlighted numerous Board of Director procedural errors and the audience would then be asked to identify the errors.

Several of the procedural errors included:

  • Items unrelated to the agenda were discussed
  • Homeowners Bullied the Board and were not controlled.
  • Failure to Disclose Relationship of a Board Member to a Vendor
  • Loss of Control of Meeting
  • Board Members Drinking
  • Minutes were not signed properly
  • Votes were taken improperly
  • Members Delinquency was discussed
  • Manager has not review the financial
  • Reserve Account over FDIC Limit
  • Manager is making Investment Advice
  • Restricting children in pool
  • Failure to address life safety issues
  • Failure to have quorum on a vote

The event is one of a series of training events held by EBMC.Actors and Actresses included – Jessika Alvos – guest, Kevin Berg, CAM, Lori Burger- Northern Nevada Regional Manager, Amy Tupper, Provisional CAM, Ryan Domingez – Administrative Assistant, Julianne Kaufman – Northern Nevada Supervising Community Manager, Kelly Siefert – Northern Nevada Senior Real Estate Manager/Commercial Division Manager Robert Whatley – Woodland Village Onsite Maintenance, Rebeka Wiggins - Northern Nevada Accounting Manager.

EBMC was founded in 1968 and has 50 years of Association management experience.EBMC manages primarily in the states of California and Nevada with (11) offices located in California and Nevada. EBMC manages over 30,000 association units.To learn more about EBMC and the services it provides in Reno, contact Lori Burger, CPM, PCAM, CAM at loriburger@ebmc.com

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