EBMC Employees Sweat Out Wellness Challenge

ROHNERT PARK, CA—Employees of EBMC are working up a sweat, but in the best way possible. A number of the EBMC team recently completed an eight-week wellness challenge hosted by Anew Leaf Physique. One of the goals was a selection of prizes, but certainly the benefits to their health and the camaraderie of friendly competition were key among the rewards of their efforts.

Anew Leaf’s Danielle Fitchett put the team through their paces, including walking challenges and a series of new habits introduced to the participants every Monday. These habits included: Drinking more water; eating until 80% full or "just enough"; eating slowly and focusing on your meal; eating five-plus servings of vegetables every day; eating lean protein with each meal; making smarter carb choices; eating healthy fats daily; and planning physique-friendly meals.

“I truly believe every day is an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and make your health a priority in your life,” says Fitchett, who is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a massage therapist and a certified nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition. She emphasizes that it takes more than a week to make lasting change, so it was not expected that participants would complete each challenge fully. “But hopefully, they would be able to continue working on these practices and make true lasting change in their lives.”

Social media was a key part of the program, and throughout the eight weeks, Fitchett corresponded with participants via e-mail and a Facebook Group page.The page was a place to connect, ask questions and support each other during the challenge. Facebook was also instrumental in the Photo Scavenger Hunt portion of the Challenge. In it, the participants received a list of photos to capture such as “your kids eating vegetables” or “trying a new workout.” The posted photos could earn each challenger points toward the prizes. 

And now, the winners: The First Place winner of a Fitbit Charge HR was Stephanie Inzunza from Imperial Villas Apartments in Placentia, CA. Inunza walked 1,215,832 steps, about 11 miles per day. In Second Place, winning a $75 Target gift card, was Salome Macaspac from the corporate office in Rohnert Park. She walked 801,465 steps, about seven miles per day. The third place prize of a $50 Amazon gift card went to Rosie Camerena from Oak Terrace Apartments in Hemet, CA. She not only walked 793,523 steps but also worked every week to incorporate new habits into her daily life. Finally, the person who had the biggest improvement in weekly steps--from 56,581 in Week One to 107,402 in Week Eight--was Katie Pozzi, who also wins a Fitbit Charge HR.

Reactions from the challengers were universally positive: “This was more than just a Win/Win challenge for many of us; it was a life changer. Thank you all for helping so many of us make this much needed health change in such fun way!”--Rosie Camerena

"Thanks for putting this on for us. I had a lot of fun, and it really got me moving!"--Katie Pozzi

"Thank you so much for this challenge! I had a great time being more active. Loved it and my kids loved it, and it will definitely continue. I lost a total of 18 pounds and feel like a different person! Thank you" --Stephanie Inzunza

“And thank you to EBMC for caring about us employees and giving us the fun incentives to make our life's better." --Julie Bears

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