Regulate Internet Sales Tax Now

12/19/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM®, CRX, CSM Eleven billion dollars: That’s the amount of sales tax revenue lost by the 50 states in 2012. The source of that loss was Internet sales by online retailers who do not collect taxes on purchases. Unfortunately, the US Supreme Court has refused to hear a case (Direct Marketing Associates vs. Brohl) that might have set a precedent for the ongoing issue ... [ Read More ]

Seek the Highest

12/12/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM®, CRX, CSM It is important that we take time to reflect on new changes in the EBMC commitment to our owner/investor clientele through our commitment to our occupants. Melanie Malik, CCAM, AMS, PCAM; Carol Melendez; and Lisa Eisenberg are the most recent focus of this ever-expending capability. As we reported recently, Melanie has joined the EBMC team as a community association ... [ Read More ]

Mind Your Business

12/9/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM®, CRX, CSM This is the time of year for economic and business outlooks. EBMC delivered news this morning of Fitch Ratings’ global economic outlook, and the news is moderately good--delivered at the dual hands (says Fitch) of a Trump presidential win and the UK’s exit from the European Union. We hold to the belief that if you ask three economists their opinions you will ... [ Read More ]

Net Sales, Gross Profits

12/5/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM®, CRX, CSM Well, there’s good news for retailers in the latest numbers emanating from Black Friday consumer activity. As we reported on our news page, online sales hit $5.27 billion this Black Friday, a nearly 18% jump year-over-year. But--and this is surprising to me--it seems that retailers are still converting to the notion that omni-channel sales are not the wave of the ... [ Read More ]

The Ethics Imperative

11/30/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM®, CRX, CSM An ethical approach to business is good. No shocker there. To say otherwise would be a blow to motherhood, the flag and apple pie. But ethics as both a concept and a practice is more than that.It is good business. As active members of the Institute of Real Estate Managementand other membership organizations, EBMC is committed to ethical practices in all of ... [ Read More ]

The New Face of ‘Community’

11/16/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM®, CRX, CSM Much has been written about the need to adapt to change or risk getting left by the roadside.This is a clear point in the latest edition of Emerging Trends in Real Estate, the annual broad-based opus from the Urban Land Institute and PwC. So it is with the equally broad-based concept of the community, which, according to ET, is in the ... [ Read More ]

Up With Suburbs

11/9/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM®, CRX, CSM As a management firm that has a fair amount of properties in suburban locations, it was refreshing--though not at all surprising--to see that the 2017 edition of Emerging Trends, the annual, broad-sweeping report from PwC and the Urban Land Institute, provides clear insight to the contribution to the American culture and economy the outlying district make. Over the years, various reports ... [ Read More ]

Brave New World

11/4/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM®, CRX, CSM It was a rather small story that appeared over the weekend so it might not have garnered your attention.But the implications behind it are huge, and we picked it up for EBMC’s own news page. I’m referring to the announcement that Budweiser delivered some 50,000 cans of beer from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, CO by driverless technology. The company claims ... [ Read More ]

Employee-Family Values

11/2/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM®, CRX, CSM We’re just back from San Diego, where the Institute of Real Estate Management held its Fall Conference. There is an investment a professional makes when he or she attends a well-conducted gathering of this sort. Prime among them is the opportunity to reconnect with principles close to the heart of their companies, principles that, frankly, can get lost in the daily ... [ Read More ]

Constants in a Variable World

10/20/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM®, CRX, CSM There seems to be so much chatter these days about disintermediation sites--websites that perform the services once got from live people--travel planning, for instance, or hotel bookings. Airbnb is just such a site, where people can share homes rather than booking at a hotel or even renting an apartment in the traditional way. Such sites are making major inroads in ... [ Read More ]

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

9/28/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM®, CRX, CSM Recently, the Institute of Real Estate Management’s Federal Housing Advisory Board descended on Washington, DC. The purpose was to conduct what turned out to be a number of very successful meetings with key agency stakeholders on a number of issues close to the hearts of real estate owners and managers of federally assisted properties. I was honored to be ... [ Read More ]

The Art of Hiring

9/21/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM, CRX, CRM We at EBMC pride ourselves on the team that makes us successful, both on a day-to-day basis and over the long haul. Many of our team members have been with us for decades, and those who are up-and-coming already show the drive and determination to serve our investment/ownership clients by serving the occupants of all the properties we manage. ... [ Read More ]

Protect Yourself

9/13/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM, CRX, CRM Disintermediation. It’s a word coming more and more into common parlance as websites of all stripes crop up to do the job formerly done by intermediaries.As just one example, when was the last time you walked into a travel agent’s office? Disintermediation sites are redefining how we do business and even how we conduct our daily lives. We can ... [ Read More ]

Team Building

8/24/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM, CRX, CRM Here’s a surprise. This blog is not about property management. Neither is it about real estate. But it does focus on a critical part of business, no matter the industry. Team building is a key, but highly inexact, concept within the realm of business leadership. For obvious reasons, books and papers on the subject speak in generalities and can ... [ Read More ]

The Greater Good

8/16/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM, CRX, CRM Last week, I blogged in this space about the driverless car and the changes it will work--it is working--on the real estate industry. The blog was based on a news piece we ran recounting the research done by Terence O’Connell and Wes Guckert for the Urban Land Institute. Our first priority in last week’s blog was to make that technology/real ... [ Read More ]

Tomorrow Here Today

8/11/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM, CRX, CRM To those of us of a certain age, the report we ran this morning on the impact of driverless cars on commercial real estate still sounds a bit like science fiction. But it should really come as no surprise that technology has advanced to this point, where we can foresee the reshaping of our city streets, our malls and shopping ... [ Read More ]

A Changing World

7/20/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM, CRX, CRM The world is changing. There are technological and social forces at work that are pushing us to redefine how we work, where we live and even how we socialize. We at EBMC are proud of the management services we provide our diverse clients, in an equally diverse range of what are commonly called the real estate food groups: multifamily ... [ Read More ]

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

6/27/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM, CRX, CRM Two apparently unrelated news items have come together to underscore a critical mission in the field of property management. As you will read in our staff news, our own Corinne Heald was recently honored with the North Bay Business Journal’s Facilities Manager Recognition Award. In other only-apparently-unrelated news, one of our properties recently took a proactive and eco-friendly stance against ... [ Read More ]

A New Age of Transparency

5/18/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM, CRX, CRM The apartment rental market is transforming, with a technology-driven approach to transparency, one that I believe rivals that of the commercial real estate market. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, the main players on the credit-reporting stage, have all unveiled programs tracking the total payment history of renters and homeowner association members--positive information as well as negative. This is a huge development, and ... [ Read More ]

The Property Management Value Proposition

5/11/2016 - By Stephen L. Burger, CPM, CRX, CRM Property management might be the best kept secret in commercial real estate. It’s frankly not a portion of the business that garners a lot of press, as might brokerage or development, where deals measured in the mega-millions of dollars capture industry headlines. When executed properly, property management is at its core a discipline dedicated to creating and managing systems geared for ... [ Read More ]

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