Corporate Building, Greenbrae, California

Founded in 1968 in Sausalito, California, Eugene Burger Management Corporation has enjoyed a fruitful journey over the last four decades.

EBMC was originally founded by Eugene Burger and his partner, Theodore Barcelon, under the name Barcelon-Burger Management Corporation in 1968.  The company specialized in the management of market rate and affordable apartment communities, commercial properties, condominiums and cooperatives, as it does today.  Shirley Burger, Eugene’s wife, was the first to enter the field of property management.  Shortly after Shirley started, Eugene entered the field and embarked on what would prove to be an extremely successful career in property management.  

In 1979, Burger and Barcelon, realizing that they had different business styles and goals, chose to divide up the properties and go their separate ways.  Eugene Burger retained the original charter for the corporation along with approximately 35 employees and 50 properties.  The business of property management grew at a fast pace and Mr. Burger was faced with having to find adequate space to accommodate the growth.  True to his vision for EBMC’s future and his penchant for historical preservation, in late 1982, he put together a group of investors to purchase and renovate a Mormon Church in the heart of Marin County retaining the majesty of the building while creating a stunning corporate headquarters that served EBMC and the community well for twenty-two (22) years.

Morman Church, Greenbrae, California -prior to Renovation by EBMCOver the years, EBMC acquired a number of small management companies to expand and complement its operations. Most of these acquisitions occurred as a result of industry relationships established over many years. In this way, EBMC has built and continues to build a team of trusted, valued staff. 

By 2004, EBMC maintained eight office locations in two states, three of which were located in the Marin & Sonoma areas.  EBMC consolidated the Greenbrae (Corporate), Petaluma and Santa Rosa offices into one location in Rohnert Park, which now serves as the company’s headquarters. The office building was formerly the Rohnert Park Library and had sat vacant for a year before renovations began. Eugene Burger and Lori Burger managed the renovation project, enhancing the existing architecture while updating the building to current codes.

EBMC fosters relationships with property management professionals across the U.S. and Japan and has been honored on several occasions with visits from our good friends from Japan Property Management Association (JPMA), Meikai University and Osaka City University.
EBMC's Corporate Headquarters in Rohnert Park, California since 2004
Almost 50 years later, Eugene and his wife Shirley continue to be the sole owners of the corporation and their son Stephen Burger serves as its President. Eugene and Shirley have many memorable experiences that have filled their lives as a result of this long journey. If you ever have the opportunity to sit and chat with either of them, you might ask that they share a story with you. You could ask about the horse trailer in the apartment parking lot with the hay trail into the apartment, the time their home was picketed or simply who possesses the EBMC softball trophy.

We believe it and our staff does too.
We invite you to join us on the journey.


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