Staff changes for the San Diego district

It is with great pleasure that Jay Kacirk, Senior Vice President announces that some decisions have been made about the district staffing - post Emily Sperbeck’s departure on February 20th, 2015.

First, we are promoting Michelle Wenrich to the position of Accounting Manager.  Her duties will mainly include supervising the accounting department and making sure all runs smoothly for our operation, our clients' and our managers' needs on the financial end.  Michelle brings a wealth of experience and knowledge and we know she will do a great job in this demanding position.

Second, Tina Strabel, in addition to the many administrative tasks she already does, will become the office manager.  So she will oversee (and perform) our administrative needs and will be everyone's point of contact for office needs and other non-financial business we have in the future.  Should Jay Kacirk be away from the office and not reachable for anything that is time sensitive; Tina would be the appropriate contact.

Third, Heather Tuite’s position is being 'upgraded' to take on additional duties. One will be bookkeeping for the single family trust, along with others.

There will be more details included in the future, including a new full time book keeper as we are currently looking for the right person to fill the position.

Jay and the team in the San Diego office thanks everyone for your support and asks that you join him in wishing well those involved in our upcoming changes.


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